Mifora presents its latest news at Funermostra 2019

Funermostra 2019

From the 22nd to the 24th of May we have been at Funermostra 2019, at the Feria de Valencia, presenting our news.


In Mifora we are committed to innovation and modernization of the funeral sector, which is why in this edition we have presented the Video Homage.

It is a new service to offer to families.

It consists of making a projection - homage of the loved one at the time of the farewell ceremony, which takes place in the funeral home.

With the inestimable collaboration of a company that shares this reality, we have our own technology to make it possible.

A giant step in the new formats of ceremonies to be made, to adapt them to the new times.

In the same way that music entered its day to be part of these acts, now the image comes with all its force.


We have also incorporated in our novelties the complements for the metallic urns, of soft lines, made with technical materials.

Ideal to customize each urn and give it a unique touch.


The world is changing very fast and the forms of expression of the human race, too.


We are grateful for the success that our company has had in this edition.